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제목 About konglish education program ( of here as well as exporting to other countries, if possible )
작성자 관리자(konglish)  (     작성날짜 2019-05-13 11:25:20     조회수 224  

If you are interested in Konglish, please free to contact with me.


The price is 500-dollar per each student ( but up to you ) and if you like, you can use

like software : When you want to upload new English materials, you can upload them

in the konglish web site. ( Canadian has ever taught Sungmoon to well-focused Korean teenagers

by 300 dollarper each. ) We can support basic materials like Sungmoon for you. 

But up to you. 


You can use konglish dialogue pad ( while teaching ) based on Pc as well as Mobile version.

If you use over 2 GB data, you should pay for it per used data amount.


* Especially,  when you can upload other materials like worksheets 

( but not with troublesome materials  ~ if you use some of materials improperly ),

 we cannot take charge of your mistakes. Sorry about that.


 Thank you.


 Sun Hee Lee ( The representative of self-employed Konglish )


Telephone number : On the profile